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Beautiful Roof painting provided by roof painters at Singh tiles

Quick Roof Repair In Melbourne

Singh Tiles, is the most trusted company for delivering effective roof repair solutions for all types of leaking roofs.


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Signh tiles roof restorations service in Melbourne



  • Over five years experience in the industry
  • Eye for detail, in-depth high quality work
  • Friendly, dedicated and reliable team of professionals
  • Large range of tiling and roof repairs service
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Easy to reach with a free quote
  • Contact us through 0430 320 814


Singh Tiles – Roofing and Flooring Specialists

At Singh Tiles, we believe in delivering the highest quality services to our valued customers across Melbourne. We have a range of flooring and roof restoration services that will be catered to your requests and requirements, no matter how big or small the job may be. We have over five years experience in the industry and strive to complete every job with highest attention to detail. To experience top quality tiling and roof restoration in reservoir and the rest of Melbourne, call us on 0430 320 814 for a FREE QUOTE.


Experienced Roof Repair & Tiling Specialists

We have extensive experience in the tiling and roofing industry, and that is highlighted by our range of services that we have available for our clients. Regardless of what job you need completed, from roof cleaning to roof painting, from wall tiling, fixing leaks to roof restorations, we have the specialists for you. We have been servicing the Northern and Western regions of Melbourne for over five years and we pride ourselves in turning your dreams into a reality.


What We Offer – Our Services:

At Singh Tiles, our motto is efficiency and reliability. All our tiling and restoration work will be completed within your desired timeframe, as our excellent and qualified specialists are experienced as repairmen, cleaners and painters. They will deliver the perfect results for you. We have a strong list of services that will be tailored to suit your situation and fulfil your requirements. Our services include:

 • Roof repairs  • Re-Bed
 • Roof painting  • Repointing
 • Storm Damage  • Roof restorations
 • Wall tiling  • Bathroom renovations
 • Roof Cleaning  • Extensions
 • Gutter cleaning  • Floor repairs
 • Floor tiling  • High pressure roof cleaning
Waterproofing and leaking roof repairs in Melbourne and many more

Our Reliable Services.

We are recognised throughout Melbourne thanks to our dedication to our clients. We want to make sure that you get the best tiling, roof painting or roof leaks repair service. With us in charge, you can experience the following:

• 24hr Turnaround • By Appointment
• Consultations • Emergency Service
• Free Consultations • Free Quotes
• Inspections • Maintenance Contracts
• Mobile Service • Onsite Services
• Same Day Service

Guaranteed Assurances

There is no need to worry when we are in charge. We are insured for all our projects, as well as being trained in First Aid, and following Australian Standards of OHS. We offer guarantees and warranties for all our services.

We work all over Melbourne, including

Essendon, Reservoir, Glenroy, Coburg, Campbellfield, Thomastown, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tullamarine, Newport, roof painters in Melbourne, Footscray, Altona, Bundoora, Epping, Preston, Moonee Ponds and Sydneham.

Roof Cleaning MelbourneRoof Painting MelbourneRoof Repointing Melbourne

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

Roofs can get dirty, messy and filthy. Over the years, they end up getting filled with gunk, junk, dirt, water, moisture and mould. It is important therefore to make sure that roofs get cleaned professionally and perfectly. This is where you are going to need the experienced and gentle hands of Singh Tiles’ roof cleaning services.

Expert Eyes.

Expertly planned with an eye for detail, you will notice the difference when we clean your roof. We have always believed in taking a planned approach to all our clients and we do the same with you. We will assess the condition of your roof, before planning out a precise cleaning procedure so that it is left looking brand new. We will organise all this within your desired timeframe to make sure you get your roof cleaned to perfection when you need it too. That is the type of high quality and experienced service you will get from our roof cleaning work. We understand that every home and roof is different and therefore needs to be treated differently. You can trust us to make adjustments so that your roof is cleaned perfectly.

Dedicated Team.

With the right equipment, and in the right hands, you can be sure that our team of roof cleaners will deliver the job for you. Trained in each aspect of roof cleaning, our team of dedicated, committed and passionate professionals will arrive at your house at the desired time and we will commence an efficient and effective project. There is no questioning that when hiring the professional roof cleaners at Singh Tiles, you are getting a team dedicated completely to your roof.

Roof Painting Melbourne

There is always going to be a time when you need to paint or repaint your roof. Years, if not decades, being exposed to the extremes and erratic nature of Melbourne’s weathers means that paint will eventually peel off, become weaker or completely strip off. There also comes a point when you might want to actually just change the colour of your roof, whether is it for increasing its aesthetic appeal or increasing the value of your property, or both. Luckily, you have the team of roof painting professionals in Singh Tiles ready to help you.

When You Need…

A roof painter, you know that the Singh Tiles can provide you with one. All our roof painters are trained professionals; with years of experience under their belt, having faced and completed a host of different jobs across Melbourne. When it comes to having a roof painter that has all the hands-on skills, technical attributes and eye for detail, like ours do, than you can be sure that you will get your roof painted to perfection.

Planned Roof Painting.

You don’t just climb on top of a roof and begin painting. That’s not how it works. You need to plan out how you’re going to paint your roof, with what colour works best and then execute it perfectly, so your roof looks picture perfection. The best thing about all this, is you don’t have to go through all this. Our roof painting service is catered and tailored to suit the requirements, requests and desires of all our Melbourne clients. Every house and roof is different and therefore has to be approached differently. This is what you want will get with our team of professionals and our service.

Roof Repointing Melbourne

Over time your roof will naturally become weaker and needs to be held together with stronger tiles. This is important if you want your roof to last for a few more decades, as well as securing the safety of your family. This service is known as roof repointing and is a vital aspect to making sure that your roof is well under control, secure and safe. Luckily, you have connections to the experienced and professional team here at Singh Tiles. If there is one thing that our team loves to do more than anything else, is to orchestrate a perfect roofing service.

What is Roof Repointing?

For those you don’t know, repointing a roof is the act of putting a second layer on top of the roof bedding. This is done to create a stronger layer for the roof, as well as making sure that the tiles and roof is protected against water and dust. This is a vital process of many roof creations and it is the reason that roofs hold firm for years. It is also vital to make sure that this section of the roof is constantly checked and if needed, to be repointed again.

How We Go About It?

We are all doing our work with an eye for detail. We plan out our approach, eyeing the important factors at play when it comes to your repointing your roof. It is important to make sure that your roof is repointed the right way to avoid further problems and issues in future. With our planned approach, combined next to our experienced team, you can be sure that we will deliver the perfect roof repointing job. Our team is aimed at completing every job perfectly and on course with your requested timeframe. There is no questioning that we can deliver on your job, as we have faced many jobs – large and small – throughout Melbourne, and have completed each job to the satisfaction of our clients. When it comes to repointing your roof, take trust in the team from Singh Tiles.

High Pressure Roof Cleaning



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